Radically enhance ministry impact by creating facilities that align with your church’s mission, vision, and leadership.




Determine what kind of ministry space you need.



Envision what your new ministry space will be.



Flesh out your dreams.



Dreams become reality.



Learn more about enhancing your ministry impact.

Leverage your ministry resources.


St. Paul’s Lutheran

Adaptive Reuse

“…the exciting aspects of our new location will be the opportunities it creates to connect with the community.”

- Wray Offermann, Pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran


Vale Church


“We’re excited about seeing that energy on the outside bring people in the doors to a place where they can hear the gospel…”

- Ted Max, Lead Pastor of Vale Church


The Ridge

New Additions

“Growth has ramped up since we’ve been in the new building… There are a lot of people checking us out.”

- Jerry Day, Lead Pastor of The Ridge


Aurora Christian Church

Worship Remodel

“Choosing Aspen Group has proven to be the best move we have made. What they told us is true. They really do have a heart for ministry…”

- Paul House, Superintendent



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