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Tips and tools for launching multisites

Resources for Pastors for Strategic Church Expansion

Pastors who are contemplating moving their church beyond a single campus face a variety of daunting questions: Should we plant or go multisite? Which model makes the most sense for our context—and will it work? What kind of facility or location will best serve the community we’d like to reach? How will resources be shared or distributed to multiple campuses?

Aspen Group has been partnering with the most trusted, experienced voices on the topic of launching new congregations, and we’ve brought all of our resources into one easy-to-access Resources for Multisites & More webpage.

Resources for Multisites and More

This new online library features a variety of resources for pastors to dive into on their own or discuss with their leadership team. You’ll find:

In the months to come, we’ll be adding more content to this page, so be sure to visit Aspen’s Resources for Multisites & More webpage regularly to stay current on all of the new offerings. You can also sign up for Aspen News so you’re alerted when new content is added to our site.

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